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About Nick

I was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Canada, and presently living in Hong Kong. My passion for photography started when I discovered street photography a few years ago. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, I travelled frequently for work and I used that opportunity to document people and places whenever I could. 

In 2021, being grounded in Hong Kong, I was determined to work harder towards improving my photography, both in digital and film. For my digital work, I have decided to commit to shooting in black and white because I enjoy the contrast, simplicity and timelessness of the results. As for film, I would continue to enjoy the unique colours that different film stocks produce and use the analogue process as a platform to experiment and improve on photography.

When I shoot, I try to look for good light, one that provides a nice gradient or high contrast for the frame. My goal is to make photos that tell stories with good aesthetics. I like to make candid shots of people because I feel that they are the most natural expression of the moment. In my encounters in street photography, I strive to be as respectful as I can in each situation. 

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